Why Choose Legal Document Services?

Our belief is that all pro se litigants representing themselves in a Court of law,
Every individual conducting their affairs in the best interest of themselves and
their family.


Every business conducting their affairs in pursuit of compliance with the law:
deserves access to legal forms and documentation that have been prepared with
the highest quality.


We strive to provide detailed and thorough legal document preparation services
at a low costs equipping our clients with the information needed to navigate the
process. We use Florida Supreme Court Approved forms and provide you with
public instructions when drafting your legal documents. Court Approved forms
and provide you with published instructions when drafting your legal


Our services to our clients range from in-person, telephonic and online interview


Ava Dawn Gaddy is a legal document specialist with over fifteen years of
experience. She attained her Juris Doctorate (JD) Degree at Nova Southeastern
University Law Center, and a Member of the Florida Legal Document Preparation
Services & Preparers (FALDP). She has always been led by a passion to help
consumers with their legal documentation while saving them thousands of dollars
in legal costs.


Disclaimer: Legal Document Services Inc, is a Legal document preparation service,
we are not a Law Firm. We do not practice law or give legal advice. We perform
our service based solely on the information you supply to us. We do not review
your information for legal sufficiency.